Our Mission

Our Mission is to fight the good fight daily!

Our vision is to transform lives that transform communities!

What does the Head mean in our vision?

We believe that Jesus is the Head of our Church. Focusing on the Head is all about knowing who Jesus is. In order to know Jesus, we must believe He is who He says he is. We can do this through discipleship. In particularly learning environments. This can be bible studies, book studies, or any environment that helps strengthen our knowledge of Christ, and grow in an academic arena.

What does the Hands mean in our vision?

The Hands is in reference to the people. The church is not a building but the people inside of it. It all starts with a relationship with Jesus and relationships with others. This form of discipleship can be done with connection groups, outreach, and anything that helps strengthen our relationship with Jesus and others. The Hands compliment the head by being the action behind our knowledge of who Jesus is.

What does the Heart mean in our vision?

We believe in total depravity, which is Man’s natural condition apart from the grace given by God that redeems us. It is because the fall of Man, we are born into sin. Due to this being our natural state, we have a wounded heart at some level. When we accept Jesus into our hearts, we no longer are held captive by our sin, but our heart, although transformed, has been wounded from our past. The “Heart” part of our vision is all about restoring our hearts so we may guard our new heart and not let the wounds of our past creep back into our lives. This form of discipleship can be done through Restoration Groups at TGFC. These groups are a systematic approach to the sanctification God desires for our lives. When we can overcome our past wounds, our emotional and spiritual lives have a larger capacity to grow.

Our Core Values

Integrity: Your example may be the only bible someone ever reads.

• Growth: We are coachable – discipleship starts with us.

• Authenticity: Healing begins when we remove our masks.

•Devotion: Loving God and people is the only way to live.

• Faith: God grows us when we trust and obey.

• Contribution: Our community transforms when we give and serve.

• Excellence: The pursuit of excellence honors God and inspires people.

• Maturity: We make tough decisions today, so we don’t harm tomorrow.

As followers of Christ we fight the good fight to transform the community.

Our History

The Good Fight Church’s (TGFC) church was planted in February of 2015 and was born out of a non-profit ministry. In the Fall of 2010, TGFC started as a non-profit ministry with a mission to help people overcome life controlling problems through a Christ centered restoration process. By the end of 2014 this ministry had grown to 4 group locations, with 6 group meetings per week. In July 2015, an anonymous believer donated a building for TGFC. Once we can occupy the new building, TGFC plans on utilizing the building 7 days a week for church services, children and youth groups, academic groups, restoration groups, connection groups, and events in order to help meet the needs in our community.