Camp Courageous

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Who Needs to Register?

Everyone coming to camp, even if only for a day (hopefully that's YOU)! Simply fill out the digital form above or submit a paper from the the CK Check-In Desk.

Can I Order a Shirt Even If I'm Not Going to Camp?

Absolutely! Shirts are $10 each & can be ordered by emailing Amy @ [email protected]. Title your email "Camp Courageous Shirts" & send your sizes. We're excited you recognize you are CHOSEN!

Does My Courageous Kid Need an Adult Chaperone?

If your CK is entering 2nd grade or BELOW, he or she needs an adult chaperone at Camp, but that person can be you, grandma/grandpa, aunt/uncle, close family friend, etc. We want all CKs to have an incredible experience at Camp, & for younger CKs, that often includes having an adult with whom they are more familiar. We're excited to get to know your CKs even better on this adventure! If your CK is entering 3rd grade or ABOVE, no adult chaperone is necessary (but ALL are WELCOME).

Can I Drive Myself To & From Camp?

Any legal driver who has been background checked & completed registration (see form above) may drive him/herself to camp. Please communicate with the Travel Team at Orientation, June 4 or 11, or at gear drop off June 13, 6-7pm, if you intend to drive yourself &/or any CKs for which you are responsible (must have written parent permission if you are not the legal guardian).