The Good Fight Church's (TGFC) church was planted in February of 2015 and was born out of a non-profit ministry. In the Fall of 2010, TGFC started as a non-profit ministry with a mission to help people overcome life controlling problems through a Christ centered restoration process. By the end of 2014 this ministry had grown to 4 group locations, with 6 group meetings per week. Over 600 people a month were seeking to restore their lives through the ministry. As the days, weeks, and months went by, the ministry saw a need to help people not only heal from their life controlling problems, but to heal from past wounds. TGFC was planted in February 2015 to do just that. Our mission is to make disciples through Christ centered worship, service, and community. Our vision is to accomplish this by focusing on the Head, Hands, and Heart. The Head is all about Jesus, the Hands focus on people being the body of Christ through faith, and the Heart helps people focus on healing the wounded heart.

With the help of a core group of faithful ministry leaders, the church was launched on the faith that God would provide a future space for the church to call home. For the past several months, TGFC has been having church services on Saturday nights at a local church in Yukon that has opened their building to this church plant.

In July 2015, an anonymous believer donated a building for TGFC. Once we can occupy the new building, TGFC plans on utilizing the building 7 days a week for church services, children and youth groups, academic groups, restoration groups, connection groups, and events in order to help meet the needs in our community.