We Are Stronger as a Family. Jesus Surrounded Himself in Community and We Will Follow His Lead!

Why do our Groups exist?

The purpose of getting plugged into a group can be summed up in one simple word: relationships. We believe God created us to live in relationship with others and only then can we live the full life He intends for us. Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why our groups exist—to make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you.

What are our Groups about?

Our groups are an intentional gathering of people where you can connect with others on a regular basis who share your interests, who are at a similar stage in life, or who have experience in an area where you would like coaching.

Why should I join a Group?

It is through doing life together that our problems become discernible and defeated. God uses others to bring healing, support, and encouragement to our lives—whether we realize we need it or not. Your group will quickly become a place where others don’t just know your name, but care about what's happening in your life.

What is a Connection Group?

Connection groups are designed as a way for the body of Christ to come together just as the early church did in the beginning. They are a way to grow closer to each other through fellowship. They get back to the basics of the way the Gospel community did life together. They offer an opportunity to connect on an individual level with like-minded believers who share common interests. Connection groups should be organic in nature and aren't driven by the church. They are clusters of people within the church who are doing life together. Connection groups are meant for relational discipleship and are not academic in nature.

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A church family doesn’t only share the sanctuary with you on Saturday evening. The body of Christ was meant to...


Imagine Together

Dive deeper into relationship with God and each other as we explore His Calling. Connect to a local body of believers to belong, grow, inspire, and be a part of God's Kingdom movement.



REWIND the sermon each week inside our Discussion Group each Wednesday at 6:30pm at the TGFC Battle Grounds Coffee Shop. This is a deeper dive into the previous message!

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Join this Men's discipleship group each Monday evening at 6:30pm at the TGFC Battlegrounds Coffee shop! 

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Young Adults

Our Young Adults connection group will be meeting every Monday evening from 6:30-8pm to grow together in Christ!


Faith and Fun Homeschool Group

A community for families to have chapel, kids to do individual course work as well as monthly activities/celebrations together, and mothers to do devotionals together to build relationships with God and each other.