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From the bowling league to bowling for Christ, The Good Fight Church looks to expand the footprint of Christ in the Yukon area. The Good Fight Church's church was planted in February of 2015 and was born out of a non-profit ministry. From 2010 to late 2014, The Good Fight Ministries was a ministry with a mission to help people overcome life controlling problems through a Christ centered restoration process. By the end of 2014 this ministry had 6 groups meeting on four different days of the week. There were over 600 people on average a month seeking to restore their lives. As the days, weeks, and months went by, the ministry saw a need within the church to help people not only heal from their life controlling problems, but to heal from past wounds. The Good Fight Church was launched in early 2015 to do just that. Their mission is to make disciples through Christ centered worship, service, and community. Their vision is to accomplish this by focusing on the Head, Hands, and heart. The Head is all about Jesus, the Hands focus on people being the body of Christ through faith, and the Heart helps people focus on healing the wounded heart.

With the help of a core group of faithful ministry leaders, the church was launched on the faith God would provide a future space for the church to call home. For the past several months, the church has been conducting church services on Saturday nights at a local church in Yukon that has opened their building to this church plant. As the months went on, there didn’t seem to be any opportunities arising, until an attendee of the church suggested looking into the old bowling alley on Route 66. With more than enough space and probably out of our price range, the church pursued the option. After prayer, church leadership meetings, and an investor (who prefers to remain anonymous) who believes in the mission, the option became a reality on July 29th. The bowling alley that many people grew up in, and have many memories in, will now house The Good Fight Church!

The Good Fight Church plans on having their new church building open 7 days a week in order to host academic groups, community groups, restoration groups, youth groups, community events, and of course our church service every Sunday! Over the past 4 years, God has changed many lives and families through the ministry and now looks forward to helping establish many more life changing stories by sharing the Gospel through The Good Fight Church!

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1. Jody glaze wrote:
So humbled to be a part of this church. I love seeing and being part of Gods love.

Sat, August 1, 2015 @ 9:32 PM

2. John Marquiess wrote:
Go GOD!!! I am blessed beyond measure to be part of this church family!!! GOD put this family in my life at a time when I was Lost & Broken and gave me the community that I needed to become the man of GOD I was called to be.

Sat, August 1, 2015 @ 9:45 PM

3. Brittany Carpenter wrote:
So very blessed to be part of such an amazing community! I absolutely love The Good Fight Church and all that they offer. This is my home, my safe haven, my place of hope. I cannot thank you enough for opening your doors and pouring love, encouragement, and hope into me when I was so very broken and had none.

Sat, August 1, 2015 @ 11:12 PM

4. Gi Gi Waldrop wrote:
The Good Fight is more than a church community to me, it is my family. My life has been restored and my heart is being transformed daily into the woman His has created me to be. I wouldn't be where I am today workout each and every one of them. So very blessed to do life with them! !

Sun, August 2, 2015 @ 9:06 AM

5. Rushelle Wilbourn wrote:
I'm just in awe and so amazed at what God has done and is continuing to do not only in my life because of The Good Fight Church, but also in others around me and for the Church body as a whole!
The Good Fight Church is unlike any other church I've ever attended. There is so much love, mercy, grace and forgiveness here that it shows the minute you walk in the door! The body of Christ being the hands and feet of Christ and living out pure discipleship in gospel community. No judgement, just true authenticity and transparency.
I'm blessed to call this group of people not only my friends, but so much more. They have become family.
I'm so excited to be a part of what God is doing and I look forward to getting to be a part of His plan for The Good Fight Church! #WelcomeHome

Sun, August 2, 2015 @ 10:59 AM

6. wrote:
God answers prayer!

Sun, August 2, 2015 @ 11:26 AM

7. JoAnna Scott wrote:
I came to The Good Fight Ministries about 3yrs ago when I was at my absolute rock bottom from drugs and alcohol. I felt as though I had no where else to turn, this was my last hope and that if this didn't "fix me" then I would end up dead on the side of the road from my addictions. Well, I'm proud to say that this Christ centered 12 step program not only "fixed me", but more importantly it showed me how to be Transformed by the renewing of my mind through Faith and obedience in God! Now here I stand 3 yrs later with this amazing group of people that I call my church family!! What once was just a 12 step group (in my eyes) has now become a Church and I couldn't be more honored than I am today to be a part of God's Beautiful Transformation!!! If you are looking for a Restoration group that will restore you from the inside out and a Church Family that will be there to help you through the dark times in life and celebrate with you in the good times, then look no further! The Good Fight Church has my Head, Hands and Heart!! #GoGOD!!!

Sun, August 2, 2015 @ 1:37 PM

8. Paul Kingston Martin wrote:
My restoration process started July 27, 2013 when I checked into The Jesus House as I did not desire to continue with the life that I was leading. I moved to OKC from Los Angeles after my work assignment had ended with UCLA Ronald Reagan Memorial Hospital. I had grown tired of life in LA after 27 years and was on a downward spiral in life. I had a friend in Norman that I graduated with that gave me a job in construction. I had always held corporate management level positions in healthcare and made a very nice living for myself, yet the more I made, the deeper my addictions got. I did what most troubled souls do and did a geo relocation. Yeah, that's what I needed to get everything back on track, a fresh start in a new town where no one knew me. Right, that's always worked out huh, not so much... my disease got worse and so did I. After a short stay at the 5 star Red Rock Suites located in the lush and tropical, Norman Ok., I was given the op to chuck the lavish lifestyle of an up and coming dead man and transfer to The Jesus House. Later, I met John and Joanne with TGFM and started attending their Saturday night meetings. This was completely different then just an AA meeting, Christ was the focus here! What a tremendous difference this made. I now attend TGFC and have rededicated my life to Christ and took the plunge as an adult. I had been searching for a home church and not only have found it, but you know what came with the church package...a whole bunch of broken believers just like me. I call them family now. Going from no friends and family here in OKC to having a whole community of believers at my disposal is not a bad deal. I would love to quit my job at Children's Hospital and do ministry work full time. See, I know that God can still use this broken addict for something good and this is the reason I get up in the morning. I have never felt more at home and for the first time in my life I feel a part of something much larger then me. It's never been about me and it never will be. Thank you Pastor John, staff, John and Joann Marquiess for welcoming me into the family of Christ. I am forever indebted to you all.

Sat, August 22, 2015 @ 10:53 PM

9. Joanne Marquiess wrote:
being part of this church plant is one more testament to the eternal truth that God is faithful! He is loving, patient and kind to all of us who were lost and now found. He also has an amazing sense of humor...the old bowling alley, really? Talk about a 360 in my life! Thank you Lord Jesus for forgiveness and redemption!

Thu, September 3, 2015 @ 12:12 PM

10. Trent Jones wrote:
This church has truly changed my entire life! So grateful...

Sun, September 20, 2015 @ 10:16 PM

11. Christina smith wrote:
Definitely felt the moving of the Holy Spirit. Didn't feel judged at all being a drug addict working on my recovery. Will go backto the meetings on Tues and Thursday. I will also inquie about Saturday what time their service is

Sat, May 7, 2016 @ 9:39 AM

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