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Are We Hungry?

I recently had an epiphany during a sermon by my assistant pastor, Aaron Jones; I don’t live “in awe” of God.  In fact, I go through the motions day in and day out. I get up grumbling that it is too early, I drive to work rarely noticing anything but the tail lamps in front of me, and spend my work day counting down to Friday. I wish I could say my evenings were drastically better but even then I rarely just sit in awe of God. I pray over my food but do I pray out of habit? Or because I am truly and utterly grateful and in awe of a God who provides for my every need, every day?

To see if I was really in awe of my God or if I am just going through the motions to get to Friday, the weekend, vacation, or insert whatever “next” I am waiting on, I decided to fast for 24 hours. I wanted to see if I am truly hungry and truly grateful to eat or if I am just going through the motions out of habit. By 10am, my stomach was growling. At 2pm, my head started to hurt and my stomach was growling intensely. By 6pm, I realized I am RARELY truly, physically hungry. I am usually just eating out of complete habit and expectation. That got me to thinking about what other areas of my life I might just be pushing through to get to whatever was “next.”

When it comes to Jesus and service, am I hungry? Am I craving more of Him and what He would have me do next for my neighbor? It is with a heavy heart, that I can say I am not typically craving more time with Jesus. I rarely am craving more time to serve Him and other people. So this week before our Church Under the Bridge outreach, I asked God to make me hungry. Make me truly hungry for Him and to serve. I asked for a heart that doesn’t just go through the routine and motions of helping others because that is what is expected of a Christian. I want to hunger for Him. I want a desire to help and to make the world different for someone else. I want to live in awe of a God who so intricately made me, that he made my stomach growl to tell me when I’m physically hungry, gave me a heart that can hurt for others, and that even when I don’t live in awe of Him, He is in awe of me.

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